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Ship Maintenance and Repair Services in Vancouver, BC Canada

Keep your vessel in top condition with our Ship Maintenance and Repair services in Canada.

Trust us to provide high-quality service that meets industry standards, keeping your maritime assets seaworthy and safe.

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Ship Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive ship maintenance services are designed to keep your vessels operating at their best. Our maintenance services include:
Count on us as your reliable partner in maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your fleet.

Ship Repair Services

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the comprehensive solutions we provide, including:

With Ignition Marine, you can trust that our ship repair services are unparalleled, keeping your maritime assets operating at their best.

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Don't Let Issues Linger at Sea
Schedule Ship Maintenance with Ignition Marine

With transparent communication, cost-effective strategies, and eco-conscious practices, Ignition Marine is your reliable partner for ship maintenance and repair services in Canada.

Ship Services We Offer

We’ll keep your vessels in top shape for the long haul. Our services include:

Ship Maintenance

From thorough inspections to engine maintenance and hull cleaning, we offer various solutions to prevent issues and enhance the efficiency of your ship.

Ship Repair

Our 24/7 marine technicians swiftly address unexpected ship issues, offering prompt and reliable topside or drydock repairs, welding, machining, and electrical/mechanical fixes.

Ship Overhaul

Our teams ensure a thorough examination and refurbishment of key components, enhancing the overall reliability and efficiency of your fleet.

Environmental Compliance

From eco-friendly coatings to sustainable practices, we help you navigate the seas responsibly, aligning your operations with environmental standards.

Why is a Ship in Need of Maintenance and Repair?

Ships require maintenance and repair due to natural wear and tear, exposure to harsh marine conditions, and the constant demands of operational use.

Over time, components can degrade, leading to reduced efficiency and potential safety hazards. Regular maintenance addresses these issues, ensuring vessels remain in optimal condition and operate safely and reliably throughout their lifespan.

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Our Ship Maintenance and Repair Process

Our streamlined process ensures efficient ship care, keeping your vessels in peak condition.
For any ship-related concerns, trust Ignition Marine. Contact us to guarantee your vessel is operating at its best.


Thorough inspection to identify issues and determine maintenance needs.


Develop a customized plan outlining necessary repairs and maintenance tasks.


Marine Service Engineers implement repairs, covering everything from hull to engine maintenance.

Quality Checks

Rigorous inspections ensure work meets high standards for safety and efficiency.

Client Consultation

Review completed work with the client, addressing any questions or concerns.


Provide post-service support to ensure continued satisfaction.

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Want to Keep Your Ship at its Best?

Choose us for proactive solutions that anticipate and address issues before they impact your operations.

Extended Lifespan

Enhance the longevity of your vessels.

Optimized Performance

Ensure ships operate at peak efficiency.

Safety Assurance

Address potential issues to maintain a secure maritime environment.

Cost Savings

Prevent major repairs by addressing minor issues promptly.


Meet industry and environmental standards through regular maintenance.

Minimized Downtime

Swift repairs reduce downtime, keeping your fleet operational.

Asset Value Preservation

Protect the value of your maritime assets through proactive care. 

Benefits of Ship Maintenance and Repair

Experience the advantages of regular ship care with our maintenance and repair services.

Choose Ignition Marine for comprehensive ship maintenance and repair and enjoy the lasting benefits of a well-maintained fleet.

Hire Our Skilled Commercial Marine Service Experts in Canada

At Ignition Marine, our skilled service agents, supported by reliable service coordination, ensure efficient and cost-effective solutions for your maritime needs. Our service coordinators and engineers boast a high first-time fix rate, utilizing their knowledge and expertise to address issues promptly.

We specialize in swift shipboard maintenance and repair services for all Sperry Marine products and offer flexible maintenance contracts. Trust us for expert support to keep your marine operations running smoothly.

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Your Partner for Reliable Ship Care

Why Choose Ignition Marine for Ship Maintenance and Repair Services in Canada?

Here are reasons to partner with Ignition Marine for top-notch ship care in Canada:

Choose Ignition Marine for excellence in ship maintenance and repair services—your trusted partner in Ship maintenance and repair in Canada.

Ignition Marine Ship Maintenance and Repair Services in Canada

Secure, Reliable, and Ready to Serve You

With our secure practices, reliable service agents, and a team always ready to serve you, Ignition Marine is the assurance you need on the waters.

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