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Yacht And Boat Shrink Wrapping Services in Vancouver, BC

Protect your boat from the harsh elements with our professional shrink-wrapping services for boats in Lower Mainland and North Vancouver, BC.

Whether you’re storing your boat for the winter or transporting it to a new location, our shrink-wrapping services will ensure it stays safe and protected.

Protect your boat with Vancouver’s trusted shrink-wrapping experts. Ignition Marine offers top-quality materials and professional installation. Trust us to handle any size job and keep your boat in excellent condition all year round.

What Is Boat Shrink Wrapping?

Boat shrink-wrapping is a process of covering a boat with a heavy-duty plastic material known as shrink wrap. It helps protect your boat during transit or from harsh weather conditions, such as water, wind, snow, and UV rays during storage.

The shrink wrap is placed over the boat, and heat is applied to the wrap, causing it to shrink and forming a tight, protective barrier.

Boats require a significant monetary investment and an allotment of time. That’s why it’s essential to take great care of them. With Ignition Marine, your watercraft will remain safeguarded all year round.

shrink wrapped boats in the yard

Vancouver, British Columbia Marine Shrink-Wrapping Services

Achieve a sense of assurance that your vessel is well-guarded without being too hard on the pocket. Enjoy more time knowing your investment is secured with our trusted boat shrink-wrapping services.

Unparalleled UV Resistance

Experience unbeatable protection from the sun's harmful UV rays with our high UV resistance marine shrink wrap Canada.

Waterproof, Puncture-Proof & Tearproof

Shield your boat from the elements with our waterproof, puncture, and tearproof shrink wrapping in Lower Mainland and North Vancouver, BC.

100% Secure Wrapping

Secure your investment with our high-quality boat wrapping services that keep everything in place.

Reliable Physical Barrier of Protection

Protect your boat with our superior shrink wrap that prevents dirt, dust, and debris from entering your boat.

Protect your Investment with Ignition Marine Shrink-Wrapping Services

Ignition Marine is the ideal choice for superior shrink wrapping of your boat to protect against any weather in Lower Mainland and North Vancouver, BC. With our quality service, you can rest assured that your vessel will remain safe in any season!
shrink wrapped boat

Why Do You Need to Shrink Wrap Your Boat?

Your boat surely costs a fortune. So, it’s crucial to ensure it is kept in the best possible condition while preserving its value. Here are more reasons why your boat requires our shrink-wrapping services:
With our Boat Shrink Wrapping Services in Lower Mainland and North Vancouver, BC, you can be sure that your boat will remain secure, safe, and protected from the elements.

Pros and Cons of Shrink Wrapping a Boat

Shrink wrapping a boat is an excellent way to protect it from the elements during storage or transportation. Still, it’s best to consider the pros and limitations that come with it before deciding.

The Pros

Here are the top pros of shrink-wrapping your boat:

It Provides Unbeatable Waterproof Protection

Its plastic composition means it is entirely water resistant and does not require any additional procedures for protection.

Good Installation Prevents Precipitation Buildup

The slippery surface of the plastic prevents snow and ice from accumulating too quickly. You can rest easily without worrying about puddles or dangerous buildup, which is common in tarps and canvas covers.

Covers The Entire Boat

The shrink wrapping covers the entire boat, providing superior protection from environmental and physical damage.

It Can Be Customized Every Year

Depending on your desired outcome, you can adjust the configuration of your boat wrap each year to suit your needs and expectations better.

Smaller Upfront Cost

If you don't have the capital or plan to keep your boat long enough, then shrink-wrapping it can be economically sound.

The Limitation

And here is a limitation that comes with shrink-wrapping:

Complicated Installation Process

Boat shrink-wrapping is an intricate job that comes with certain risks. That’s why you shouldn’t DIY. A professional team with the know-how and appropriate equipment can save you a hefty amount of money and ensure an efficient installation.

With Ignition Marine, you can rest assured that your boat is in good hands. Our shrink-wrapping services in Lower Mainland and North Vancouver, BC, will keep your boat safe and secure while preserving its value and life expectancy.
How to Shrink Wrap a Boat?

Our Shrink-Wrapping Process

Here’s our step-by-step process for properly shrink-wrapping your boat to protect it from the elements during storage or transport.

Measuring the vessel to ascertain the wrapping area accurately.

Securing all fuel vents with tape to prevent leaks or damage.

Covering your boat using our high-quality shrink-wrap film.

Adding belly bands to your boat.

Shielding the sharp edges of the vessel with padding for protection.

Heating the sheet with a heat gun.

Inspecting the for tears.

Cooling down the shrink wrap.

Looks tiresome already?

With Ignition Marine, all you need to do is sit back as the experts secure your boat for you! We guarantee that the wrap around your craft is neatly done so your watercraft remains safe during its stay in our facility.

Let Ignition Marine Be Your One-Stop Shrink Wrap Solution!

Our customer service, quality products, and expert advice will make your marine shrink-wrapping needs as effortless as possible.
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Hire Ignition Marine Services for Your Shrink-Wrapping Needs 

Trust Ignition Marine Services to protect your precious investment with our professional and reliable shrink-wrapping services.

With years of experience and the use of top-of-the-line materials, we will ensure that your boat is safeguarded from harsh weather conditions, dust, and other debris, ensuring it stays in top condition for your next adventure.

Don’t let your watercraft be exposed to harmful elements! Contact us today, and let’s take care of all your shrink-wrapping needs.

boat after being shrink wrapped
yard of shrink wrapped boats
With Ignition Marine,

Experience A Convenient Boat Shrink Wrapping Service Like No Other

Looking for expert boat shrink wrapper?

We are here to provide you with a convenient and reliable solution for shrink-wrapping your boat.

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