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Cummins Marine Engine Services for Your Yacht and Boat in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Facing a technical issue with your marine engine? Our Cummins engine repair shop in North Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC, Canada provides you with the most comprehensive and reliable marine engine services for your yacht or boat.

Complete Service for Your Cummins Marine Engines

As an experienced Cummins engines specialist in Lower Mainland, BC, Canada, we are equipped to provide you with a comprehensive range of solutions for all your Cummins engine needs, including repair, overhaul, maintenance, rebuilding and spare parts.

Regardless of the help you need with your Cummins engine, we have the necessary skills, resources, and expertise to assist you effectively and frequently with the added benefit of cost savings.

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Need a Trusted Cummins Small Engine Repair Services?

Allow Us to Take Care of Your Marine Needs!

We take pride in having the capability to respond quickly and efficiently to any Cummins engine need, whether it is maintenance or repair.

Cummins Marine Engine – Propulsion Engine Servicing

If your yacht or boat is experiencing engine trouble, there could be several reasons. To address these issues, we offer various services that can help.

Cummins Marine Engine Overhaul

Involves disassembling, cleaning and inspecting the engine. You need this if your engine has reached the end of its service life or experienced significant damage.

Cummins Marine Engine Repair

Addresses specific issues with the engine, such as a malfunctioning fuel system, a faulty electrical system, or a damaged cooling system.

Cummins Marine Engine Maintenance

Regularly inspect and maintain the engine to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. This includes oil and filter changes, fluid checks, and other routine maintenance tasks that help to prevent major issues.

Cummins Marine Engine Rebuilding

Complete disassembly of the engine, cleaning and inspecting each component, and replacing worn or damaged parts. This service is recommended when an engine has reached the end of its service life or has experienced significant damage.

Cummins Marine Engine Spare Parts

We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts, including engine components, to ensure the excellent performance and longevity of your Cummins boat Engine.

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Don't let Your Cummins Boat Engine Issue Ruin Your Sailing Day!

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in keeping Cummins Engines running smoothly, safely, and reliably. Let us help you!

Cummins Engine for Sale Canada -Where to Find a Cummins Engine Parts Vancouver, BC?

If you need a replacement engine, we can help you with the procurement process, ensuring you get the right engine for your boat’s specific needs. Our trained technicians have the expertise to install and configure the engine to ensure its optimal performance and reliability.

We can also help you source and procure spare parts for your Cummins yacht Engine. Whether you need engine components, filters, gaskets, or any other essential parts, we have the resources and expertise to provide you with the right parts for your engine.

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Why Choose Ignition Marine Services for Cummins Engine?

We understand that a well-maintained marine engine is crucial for an enjoyable and stress-free boating experience, and we’re here to help.
If you need a reliable Cummins engine specialist with years of experience for your job, then let’s begin.

We stay up-to-date with industry developments and technologies to provide high-quality service.

We use only genuine Cummins parts in our repair and maintenance services.

We believe in building long-term customer relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.


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