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Superior Marine Diesel Generator Solutions in Vancouver, BC, Canada

We have partnered with Fischer Panda to bring you the most reliable and efficient marine generators on the Canadian market.

Improve your marine experience with Ignition Marine and Fischer Panda, and let us provide you with the most innovative and dependable marine diesel generators to power your maritime adventures.

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Empowering Your Marine Adventures

We are your trusted partners at sea, ensuring every voyage is seamless and empowered. Trust only Ignition Marine to bring you the finest Fischer Panda marine diesel generators that can withstand all seasons and accompany you on all your adventures.

Fischer Panda Marine AC Generators at Ignition Marine

As your premier destination for marine excellence, Ignition Marine proudly introduces the quality performance of Fischer Panda generators, ensuring that your time at sea is powered by the best in the industry.

Fischer Panda Marine DC Generators at Ignition Marine

Designed to boost your boating experience, these generators offer reliable and efficient performance.

The AGTPM6 DC delivers impressive efficiency in a compact design, ensuring extreme fuel efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements.

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Sail Confidently as You Upgrade to Fischer Panda Marine Generators

At Ignition Marine, we aim to bring you top-notch reliability and efficiency to ensure a seamless and powerful boating experience. Upgrade to Fischer Panda and feel the difference firsthand.

About Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda pioneers genuine 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous generators designed for MILITARY, MARINE, or SPECIALTY VEHICLE APPLICATIONS.

The technology produces the world’s smallest, lightest, and quietest generators, housed in sound-insulated capsules for minimal noise and vibration.

Compact construction allows easy installation on Military Vehicles, boats, or trucks with minimal space requirements. Catering to AC or DC applications, Fischer Panda generators, ranging from 2.5 kW to 200 kW, deliver reliable and efficient power for diverse needs.

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Why Choose Ignition Marine as Your Trusted Fischer Panda Marine Generator Distributor?

Here are reasons why Ignition Marine stands out as the preferred distributor for Fischer Panda Marine Generators:

Exclusive Partnership

Ignition Marine proudly partners exclusively with Fischer Panda, ensuring access to the finest marine generators in the market.

Expertise You Can Trust

With a deep understanding of marine solutions, Ignition Marine provides expert advice and guidance for your specific needs.

Exceptional Service

We are committed to delivering exceptional service, from selection to after-sales support, ensuring a seamless experience.

Wide Product Range

Explore a diverse range of Fischer Panda generators at Ignition Marine, spanning from 2.5 kW to 200 kW, providing solutions for all power needs.

Choose Ignition Marine as your trusted Fischer Panda Marine Generator Distributor for a seamless, reliable, and top-tier marine power experience.

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Fuel The Heart of Your Vessel:
Choose Fischer Panda Marine Generators

Fueling maritime escapades with precision and dependability, Fischer Panda Marine Generators serve as the heartbeat of your vessel, delivering unwavering performance for unforgettable journeys at sea.
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