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Commercial Upholstery Services in Vancouver, British Columbia

Enhance your spaces with our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. From corporate offices to hospitality establishments, our commercial furniture upholstery solutions in North Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC, can breathe life into your interiors.
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furniture upholstery manufacture fabric renovation + commercial upholstery services in canada
modern hotel lobby with hallway office lounge room + commercial upholstery services in canada

High-Quality Commercial Upholstery Services in Vancouver , BC

Our skilled commercial upholstery specialists will meticulously transform your commercial spaces with an unparalleled touch of creativity and craftsmanship. Elevate your interiors with a wide range of luxurious commercial upholstery fabrics, stunning designs, and durable solutions tailored to your unique needs.

From corporate offices to hospitality establishments, our commercial upholstery contractors deliver comfort and style, creating spaces that leave a lasting impression on clients and guests alike.

Redefine your surroundings and embrace the ultimate standard with a top-notch commercial upholstery company in Canada.

Transform Your Business Space with Custom Commercial Upholstery

Expert commercial upholstery solutions for restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, sales centers, schools, model homes and much more – get a quote now!

Commercial Upholstery Industries That We Serve

Whether it’s office interiors, hospitality establishments, or retail environments, our tailored solutions leave a lasting impression, transforming spaces into captivating havens of luxury and style.

Explore the industries we serve and discover how we redefine upholstery excellence in North Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC, Canada.

seats view from waiting room + commercial upholstery services in canada

Government and Public Institutions

From city halls to government offices, we offer affordable commercial upholstery services to improve the quality, aesthetics, and comfort of public spaces.
leather interior design car passenger driver seats with seats belt + commercial upholstery services in canada

Automotive Industry

Revamp the interiors of your vehicles with our expert upholstery solutions. From car seats to luxurious upholstery for high-end vehicles, we cater to the diverse needs of the automotive industry.
designer luxury captain s cabin yacht interior + commercial upholstery services in canada

Marine Industry

With a focus on durability and style, our professional marine canvas and upholstery services for businesses elevate the comfort and appearance of boats, yachts, and other marine vessels.

rows red seats theater + commercial upholstery services in canada

Entertainment and Events

Create captivating event spaces and entertainment venues with our creative and eye-catching upholstery designs, adding a touch of elegance to every occasion.
interior part modern open space office + commercial upholstery services in canada

Office and Commercial Spaces

Transform office interiors into inspiring work environments with our tailored office furniture upholstery services, promoting productivity and reflecting your brand’s identity.
dental chair other accesries used by dentists office + commercial upholstery services in canada

Healthcare Industry

Catering to the specific requirements of the healthcare sector, our upholstery solutions provide comfort and functionality for medical equipment and waiting areas.
interior room with row modern armchairs marble floor + commercial upholstery services in canada

Hospitality Industry

We elevate the charm of hotels, restaurants, and resorts with our hospitality upholstery services, offering guests a luxurious and inviting experience that sets your establishment apart.

bridal wedding attributes + commercial upholstery services in canada

Retail Industry

Revamp the ambiance of your retail spaces and boutiques with our stylish and versatile upholstery, attracting customers and creating a memorable shopping experience.
living room with couch table with sign that says i love you + commercial upholstery services in canada

Enhance your Spaces with Custom Commercial Upholstery

From corporate offices to hospitality establishments, our corporate upholstery solutions can breathe life into your interiors.

Our Top-Quality Commercial Upholstery Services

We take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship, creative designs, and unparalleled attention to detail to transform your commercial spaces into captivating havens of luxury and comfort. Explore our wide range of services:

Automotive Upholstery

We offer meticulous commercial upholstery repairs and replacements for seats, headliners, door panels, steering wheels, armrests, and center consoles, ensuring both comfort and visual allure for you and your passengers.

Restaurant and Bar Upholstery

We collaborate closely with restaurant and bar owners to reupholster dining chairs and booths, bar stools, banquettes, outdoor seating, benches, tabletop seating, decorative cushions, and pillows.

Medical and Dental Upholstery

Our Healthcare Upholstery Services cater to medical examination tables, waiting room chairs, dentist chairs, and other medical equipment with hygienic, easy-to-clean materials meeting industry standards.

Hospitality Upholstery

Revitalize lobbies, guest rooms, bars, restaurants, and common areas in hotels, resorts, and hospitality businesses with our expert furniture upholstery services.

Office Furniture Upholstery

Targeting businesses, we offer office furniture upholstery services, including desk chairs and reception area seating, to help maintain a professional and comfortable work environment.

Custom Commercial Upholstery

From fabrics to colors, patterns, and styles, we cater to your specific needs and brand identity, crafting unique and personalized pieces that leave a lasting impression on your clients.

From Sea to Land, Ignition Marine Canvas and Upholstery Helps You Tell a Tale of Grandeur and Excellence

We look forward to working with you and helping your commercial premises come alive. Contact us for a free quote.

Choose Ignition Marine for Commercial Upholstery Services

Our upholstery shop uses cutting-edge machinery and tools, empowering us to tackle projects of any scale with ease and precision. Here are more reasons to choose Ignition Marine’s commercial upholstery services:

Quality Customer Service

Our skilled commercial upholstery experts ensure top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail, delivering upholstery solutions that exceed your expectations.

Repeat Business

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we build lasting relationships and earn repeat business through our reliable and outstanding services.

Complete On Time

We value your time, and our commitment to timely project completion ensures minimal disruptions to your business operations.

Competitive Price

Enjoy cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, making Ignition Marine the smart choice for your commercial upholstery makeover needs.

At Ignition Marine, we strive to be the best commercial upholstery provider in Canada. We will not only meet your expectations but exceed them with our exceptional services and quality workmanship.

The Brands That Our Upholstery Shop Serves

Here are some of the brands we proudly serve:

Start your Project with Ignition Marine Commercial Upholstery Services

Immerse yourself in comfort and style as we create designs that resonate with your brand and vision. Our team of skilled artisans ensures every stitch exudes elegance and durability. Schedule a design consultation now.

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