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NHD Marine Luxury Boats

We're all about giving you the ultimate marine experience in Canada. Proudly an exclusive licensed distributor of NHD Boats in the country, we're excited to bring you the very best in boating excellence. Check out our range of luxury boats and yachts for an adventure-filled marine exploration.
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Set Sail in Luxury

Experience a journey beyond the ordinary as we introduce a fleet of top-tier vessels crafted to redefine your experience on the water. We ensure that every detail, from design to functionality, enhances your sailing adventure in a way that stands out from the rest.

Join us at Ignition Marine and let the allure of luxury set the tone for your maritime escapades. With NHD Boats, every moment on the water becomes an unparalleled voyage into luxury and sophistication.

NHD Vessels Series

Explore the NHD Vessels Series, a collection of boats designed for exceptional comfort and versatility on the water.

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NHD 370 All Space

It offers an efficient five-person kitchen, a complete bathroom, and a unique Triple Solarium. The Double Open Deck allows side openings, maximizing space on the boat. Modern navigation equipment and instruments ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

NHD 340

The NHD340 is a well-rounded vessel, offering seamless and efficient navigation for an enhanced boating experience. Its considerate design and advanced features make it the perfect option for those searching for a comprehensive and gratifying experience on the water.

NHD 280

The NHD 280 boat introduces a cabin design that sets a lasting benchmark in its category, offering innovative features and unparalleled style for an unforgettable boating experience.

NHD 270

Offering extensive space and ensuring comfort, safety, and ergonomic design. Its spacious interior, versatile layout, and advanced safety features provide a comprehensive and enjoyable boating experience for all passengers.

Upgrade Your Marine Adventure to an Extraordinary Experience with NHD Boats

Experience the thrill of the waves with our top-notch boats, steering your way towards an upgraded and stylish maritime journey.

About NHD Boats

We focus on delivering the best imaginable nautical experience for you and your family, combining customary quality and comfort with innovation, technology, and modernity.

What We Offer

At NHD Boats, we’re all about making your time on the water extraordinary. Our lineup features top-notch boats designed for comfort, safety, and sheer enjoyment. Expect more than just boats; anticipate a seamless combination of quality, innovation, and modernity.

From award-winning designs to cutting-edge technology, we have it for you. Explore our offerings and get ready for a boating experience that redefines fun, relaxation, and the joy of being on the water.

NHD Boats History

NHD Boats in Itajaí, Santa Catarina, evolved from the esteemed HD Mariner, a pivotal shipyard in the 90s and 2000s known for crafting durable boats with excellent navigation.

In 2019, NHD Boats received the Bombarco “Boat of the Year” award for constructive excellence and striking design. Formerly HD Mariner, NHD Boats maintains quality while updating internal aspects for enhanced products and services.

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Explore NHD Boats at Ignition Marine

Order your NHD Marine boat with ease at Ignition Marine – your gateway to an enjoyable boating experience. Explore our range of luxury boats, place your order today and set sail on the water in style.

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Why Choose Ignition Marine as Your Trusted NHD Vessel Distributor?

At Ignition Marine, we’re not just a distributor; we’re your partner in exploring the world of NHD Boats. Here’s why trusting us is a reliable choice:

Choose Ignition Marine for a trusted partnership in your boating adventures.

Your NHD Boats Adventure Awaits

Choose NHD Boats For a Maritime Adventure That Goes Beyond the Ordinary

Partner with Ignition Marine for a journey where excellence meets innovation, defining your experience by quality, safety, and the thrill of the open water.


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