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Electrical Services

Marine Electrical Systems Repair & Installation in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Our Complete List Of Marine Electrical Services

We provide proactive marine electrical solutions that ensure uninterrupted operation for your yachts and boats that you can safely depend on. Our electrical services include:

If you have any questions or concerns about your watercraft’s condition…

AC & DC electrical service
Panel Equipment
Air Conditioning
Bow Thruster
Bilge Pumps
Installation of Stereo, Entertainment, and Communication System
Electrical & Wiring Repairs, Refit, & Installation
Generator Service
Inverter & Battery Repair and Installation
Monitoring Systems
Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Marine Electrical Systems
Installation of Navigation Equipment
Shore and Solar Power
Stabilizers and Gyros

What is Marine Electrical Service?

Marine electrical service includes repairing, maintaining, and installing electrical equipment on board boats, including all electrical systems such as:

Ignition Marine provides top-notch marine electrical services in Lower Mainland, BC. We are dedicated to our service to helping you diagnose and fix your boat and yacht electrical-related problems.

electrician + electrical services
male electrician works switchboard with electrical connecting cable + electrical services

How does Marine Electrical Services work?

Marine electrical services are the most important part of a boat. They help in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your vessel. The marine electrical systems include all the equipment, devices, and appliances that operate on electricity to maintain the smooth functioning of your boat. 

Electrical maintenance should be performed regularly to avoid problems with your system – especially if you have a large number of components or electrical loads.

Contact us so we can discuss how to proceed with your problem or help you with your need for electrical repair.

Why do you need Marine Electrical Services?

Marine electrical services are required to keep your boat running smoothly and ensure that your systems work correctly and efficiently.
If you don’t have a working marine electrical system, your boat could risk sinking if it encounters rough seas or unexpected conditions. In addition, if your boat is equipped with an engine and generator, they will need to be maintained regularly to run properly.
Ignition Marine is a life-saver for your watercraft. With the help of our fully skilled marine electrical engineers and technicians, we solve problems and provide high-quality services guaranteed to meet your boating needs.

electrical drawings multimeter for measurement + electrical services
electrical engineer using measuring equipment checking electric current voltage circuit breaker + electrical services

What happens during the service?

We diagnose and repair your boat’s wiring, generators, and electrical systems, providing you with an all-in-one, cost-effective service. We are proud to say that we stay up-to-date with all the latest improvements in marine technology. 

We install state-of-the-art electronic products, navigation, and communication systems per your convenience and requirement. We work towards upgrading and enhancing your boat and sailing experience.

Please contact us for inquiries, quotations, and consultations so we can further evaluate your watercraft.

Other Marine Services

Ignition is a one-stop boat repair shop that provides various levels of quality marine mechanical, electrical, and structural repair for all boats: pleasure boats, fishing boats, and yachts of any size, brand, and type at an industry-competitive price serving all clients and boaters in Lower Mainland, BC.

These include general and boat-specific technical services that help upkeep the boat for clients. 

2 mechanic men try fix setup boat engine + electrical services

Marine Mechanical Services

maintetnance + electrical services

Custom Installation and Structural Services

07 1 + electrical services

Boat Repair and Maintenance


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