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Marine Repowering Services for Boats and Yachts in Vancouver, BC

Highly trusted for delivering the best boat repowering services to boats, personal and commercial yachts in Lower Mainland, BC, Canada.

Boat Repowering of Inboard and Outboard Engines (Gas and Diesel) Vancouver, British Columbia

Our goal at Ignition Marine engine repower Service is to keep your boat operating safely. In addition to installing your new engine, Ignition Marine can do routine maintenance to keep it working smoothly and effectively.

You don’t have to spend large sums of money every few months to have your boat serviced; if the job is done correctly, as it is when we do it, then one fix should be sufficient.

Our marine servicing can assist you in getting your marine engine in top shape as a crucial component of maintaining the health and safety of your boat.

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Upgrade Your Boats and Yachts Without Breaking the Bank!

Discuss your needs with our boat repower specialists now and let’s work towards upgrading and enhancing your boat and sailing experience.

What is Marine Repowering?

Marine repowering means improving your vessel’s power source by replacing or rebuilding the engine. It includes upgrading to the latest fuel-efficient engines or replacing a worn-out engine with something more up-to-date. A few things to consider when repowering your boat’s engine are listed below.

Diesel vs Gas

Determine which type of engine is better for your boat and the needs of your boating activities.


Consider the power requirements of your boat and look for a competitively-priced engine that meets those needs.


Consider all available options, such as turbochargers, multifuel technology, and electronic fuel injection systems.


Most new engines come with sophisticated instrumentation, so make sure you understand how to use it.

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Boat Repower of Inboard Engines

Inboard engine repowering involves the removal of an old engine and replacing it with a new or rebuilt one. This also includes replacing the transmission, as well as updating the instrumentation. Boost your inboard engine’s capacity with our professional marine repower technicians today.

Boat Repower of Outboard Engines

Outboard engines are typically more affordable and easier to install compared to inboards. We can recommend the best type of outboard engine for your boat and provide you with the necessary installation services. We are dedicated to providing you with quality boat repowering services in Lower Mainland, BC.
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Turn to Ignition Marine when You Need to Repower Your Personal & Commercial Yacht Engine!

At Ignition Marine, we provide our clients with quality marine repower services. We use the latest technology, equipment, and techniques to ensure that your boat’s engine is in tip-top condition.

Benefits Of Repowering Your Boat

If you’re unhappy with your boat’s engine performance, it might be the best time to repower it.

Get A New Boat Upgrade for Less Money

Repowering your boat is more cost-effective than buying a new one.

Improve Your Boat's Functionality

Upgrading your boat's engine will improve its performance and make it more reliable.

Increase Your Boat's Value

A boat with a newer and more powerful engine will be worth more than one with an older engine. 

When to Consider Marine Repowering?

A big decision like repowering your boat is not to be taken lightly, as you will have to live with the results for a while. That said, there are certain times when repowering your boat becomes necessary.

Engine is Too Old

If your engine is over ten years old, it is probably time to upgrade.

Poor Performance

If your boat engine is struggling or not functioning correctly, you might need to replace it.

High Maintenance Costs

A marine repower might be the best option if you're constantly paying high repair and maintenance fees.

Whether you are looking to repower your boat’s engine for personal or commercial use, Ignition Marine can help.

How Long Does It Take To Repower A Boat?

It is one of the “magic” questions of the repowering process. It depends on the type of boat, engine, and the parts and services needed.

On average, completing a repower takes between one to four weeks. Some simpler projects can be completed in just a week on the lower end of that time frame. However, more complex projects can take up to four weeks or more on the high end.

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Choosing the Right Marine Engine

If you want your boat to perform its best, you must select the correct engine type and horsepower. The wrong choice can result in a boat not reaching top speeds or handling well. Below are some key points to consider when choosing the right engine for your boat:

Gasoline Engines

Gasoline engines are typically used in smaller boats, as they have a higher power-to-weight ratio than Diesel engines.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are better suited for larger boats as they provide greater torque and increased fuel efficiency.
At Ignition Marine, we understand that choosing the right engine for your boat can be overwhelming. That is why our certified technicians are here to help you select the engine that best suits your needs, budget, and boat.

Let Ignition Marine Be Your Ultimate Partner In Yacht Repowering!

Though many boat repowering services might not put the customer’s needs first, our team is committed to giving our clients the best customer service experience possible in Lower Mainland BC.

Choose Ignition Marine for Your Boat Repower Project

There are a lot of reasons personal and commercial yacht owners trust only Ignition Marine as their number one boat repowering company:

Highly Trusted

Ignition Marine as a trusted boat repowering company, always does our best at what we do.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

We have the right experience, knowledge, and resources to handle your marine repowering needs.

Efficient & Dedicated Technicians

Our skilled marine technicians treat each vessel like our own and will return your boat to the water quickly and more efficiently to give you the smoothest and most enjoyable sail like never before!

Providing safe, reliable, and quality boat repowering services.

Choose Ignition Marine and Get The Most Out of Your Boat!

Let us be your go-to source for all of your boat repowering needs. Contact us today for more information. 

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Boat Repowering FAQs

The best time to repower your boat is when it shows signs of age, such as poor performance or high maintenance costs.
Yes, it’s best to hire a professional marine technician who is experienced and certified in repowering boats.
The cost of repowering your boat depends on the type of engine and parts you need, as well as the labour costs. Contact us to get a more accurate quotation on your marine repower needs.
The answer to this question largely falls on the engine you choose. Some outboards with integrated power-steering and high-pressure fuel-delivery systems might need a burlier battery system.

For more queries or information, contact Ignition Marine. Let us be your trusted partner in boat repowering!

Other Marine Services

Ignition is a one-stop boat repair shop that provides various levels of quality marine mechanical, electrical, and structural repair for all boats, pleasure boats, fishing boats, and yachts of any size, brand, and type at an industry-competitive price serving all clients and boaters in Lower Mainland, BC.

These services include general and boat-specific technical service that helps with the upkeep of the boat for clients.

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Marine Mechanical Services

electrician + marine repowering services for boats and yachts canada

Marine Electrical Services

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Custom Installation and Structural Services


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