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Marine Vessel Maintenance and Repair Services in Vancouver, BC

From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our team combines skill and precision to keep your vessels in top condition. Keep your ships on the water longer and minimize interruptions with a reliable maintenance partner in Canada.

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Full Marine Vessel Maintenance Services

We make sure your vessels not only sail smoothly but also have a long operational life through careful maintenance and smart planning.
Our services cover everything from meticulous work planning and material management to installation and seamless project coordination.

Marine Vessel Repair Services

Experience swift and expert solutions with our Marine Vessel repair services, ensuring peak efficiency for your marine vessel.

Trust us for a holistic approach to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your maritime assets.

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Choose Reliability. Choose Expertise. Choose Ignition Marine Services

Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the waters of maintenance and repair.

Our Marine Vessel Services

From meticulous maintenance and swift ship repairs to extensive vessel overhauls and innovative propulsion system upgrades, we are your partner for ensuring the seamless operation and longevity of your maritime assets.

Marine Vessel Maintenance

Our meticulous marine vessel maintenance covers routine inspections, fluid checks, and essential repairs to ensure optimal functionality and longevity for your vessels.

Ship Repair

We strive for effective repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring your vessels are back on the water swiftly.

Vessel Major Overhaul

From engine upgrades to structural enhancements, we undertake thorough inspections and necessary improvements, providing your vessels with a renewed and extended operational life.

With Ignition Marine Vessel Maintenance Services

Keep Your Vessel in Prime Condition

Ignition Marine Service takes care of every aspect of vessel maintenance, providing a range of services from cosmetic cleaning to comprehensive engine overhauls. Our team ensures your marine assets receive expert care across the board.

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Main Benefits for Vessel Maintenance 

Ensuring preventive maintenance for ships brings a host of advantages, primarily the ability to schedule corrective measures before voyaging into open waters, where repairs become challenging and costly.

Additional benefits include:

Experience the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of proactive vessel maintenance for smoother operations and prolonged maritime efficiency with Ignition Marine.

Choose Ignition Marine Service for Marine Vessel Repair and Maintenance Services in Vancouver, British Columbia

Our commitment to excellence, advanced technical expertise, and client-centric approach make us a trusted partner for keeping your vessels in optimal condition. 

Choosing Ignition Marine Service means entrusting your vessels to a team passionate about maritime excellence.

Marine Professionals

Our highly skilled technicians, engineers, and maritime experts possess extensive knowledge of marine systems, ensuring your vessels receive the highest standard of care.

Transparent Communication and Client Collaboration

We believe in transparent communication and collaboration, keeping you informed about progress, providing detailed reports, and valuing your input throughout the maintenance process.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Adhering strictly to industry standards and regulations governing marine vessel maintenance in Canada, our practices align with the highest safety, environmental, and quality standards.

Enjoy Peace of Mind on the Open Waters

Our commitment goes beyond the job; it’s about creating a collaborative journey where your input matters. Let’s redefine the maintenance experience together.


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From engine repairs to vessel maintenance, Ignition Marine has you covered. Let’s enhance your vessel performance with next-gen marine electrical and mechanical solutions.

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