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Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Services in Vancouver, British Columbia

Do you want optimal performance from your marine refrigeration and air conditioning system?
Let us take care of that for you.

We offer expert services at Ignition Marine and specialize in various multi-brand systems.

Keep cool on the high seas with our top marine refrigeration maintenance and repair services in Canada.
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Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Expect nothing but the best care for your vessel’s refrigeration systems with our comprehensive refrigeration maintenance offerings:

Routine Inspections

System leakage, damage, and signs of deterioration are identified during routine air conditioning system inspections to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance includes the essential tasks of cleaning and replacing air filters. This ensures optimal airflow within the system; it promotes both efficiency and air quality.

Emergency Repairs

Need quick fixes? We'll take care of it! Our prompt emergency repairs help reduce downtime and ensure the safety of your cargo. Any performance issues, such as cooling snags or weird noises, will be quickly identified and resolved.

Refrigerant Recharge

Our team offers a refrigerant recharge service that prioritizes environmental compliance to guarantee the smooth operation of your system. We ensure that airflow direction and volume are verified and adjusted to provide optimal comfort and cooling distribution.

Upgrades and Retrofits

We optimize your existing refrigeration systems by integrating energy-efficient technologies to lower costs and promote sustainability.

Documentation and Reporting

We provide an overview of tasks accomplished, issues found, and improvements after each checkup. This covers inspections, repairs, replacements, and system performance reports.

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Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Repair Services

When it comes to fixing up your cooling system, we’ve got you with our Marine Refrigeration Repair Services.

Count on us for:

Refrigerant Change-out and Conversion

We carefully remove the previous refrigerant, purify the system of any lingering residues, and accurately introduce the new refrigerant according to manufacturer specifications.

Refrigerant Reclamation, Recycling, and Waste Control

Our focus is on implementing environmentally conscious methods to manage and minimize refrigerant waste. We are dedicated to efficiently managing refrigerants to reduce their environmental impact.

Compressor Overhaul

We conduct a thorough inspection, cleaning, and replacement of worn-out parts. This overhaul guarantees that your compressors are restored to peak performance, ready to deliver reliable operation.

Refrigeration Performance Program

Our technicians will examine any issues and make modifications or fixes to enhance performance. Rest easy knowing your refrigeration systems are in peak shape and ready to serve you.

No matter the vessel’s brand or type, we have the expertise to keep your refrigeration system working smoothly. Ready to keep things cool?

Seas the Day Don't Let Your Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Fail

Relax and enjoy the surf, knowing that our experts will attend to your air conditioning and refrigerator needs.

Our Maritime Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System
Services Vancouver, BC

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a boost in efficiency, consider it sorted on the open waters with us.
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Marine Refrigeration Maintenance

We check refrigerant levels, clean condenser coils, check evaporator coils for leaks, and provide a refrigeration system health report. This comprises corrosion inspection, electrical connection tightening, lubricating moving parts, and thermostat accuracy testing.

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Marine Refrigeration Repair

We handle refrigerant change-outs and conversions for proper refrigerant reclamation, recycling, and waste management. We address any issues efficiently and prioritize the optimal performance and longevity of your refrigeration system.

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Refrigerant Recharge and Optimization

Our service extends to optimizing your refrigeration system. This involves carefully calibrating refrigerant levels to make sure they are precisely aligned with manufacturer specifications. By doing so, we minimize energy consumption, enhancing efficiency while also prioritizing environmental sustainability.

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System Upgrades and Retrofits

Our services offer customized energy-efficient solutions, effectively reducing operational costs while aligning perfectly with eco-friendly objectives. This includes upgrading outdated components, implementing advanced technologies, and retrofitting systems to enhance performance and sustainability.


Our Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance Process

At Ignition Marine, we understand the importance of keeping refrigeration systems in shipshape.
Here’s a quick rundown of how we keep things easy:


We engage in detailed discussions with you to assess your boat's specific needs. Based on this understanding, we develop a maintenance plan that aligns with your budget constraints. This involves identifying necessary repairs, upgrades, and routine checks.

Initial Assessment

We inspect your refrigeration system for leaks, refrigerant levels, and wear and tear.

Customized Plan

You get a customized plan after we examine your needs. It covers checkups, preventive measures, and repairs. This involves diagnosing, checking, and addressing possible faults early and making repairs or improvements to keep your system working properly.

Routine Inspections

Our professionals calibrate thermostats, clean coils to minimize buildup that might impair performance, and thoroughly inspect all components to find any concerns during these examinations.

Preventive Maintenance

Our maintenance includes lubricating moving parts, changing filters to optimize performance and air quality, and swiftly addressing any concerns to prevent breakdowns.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment extends beyond a single interaction. We remain dedicated to providing ongoing support and adapting our services as your needs evolve. This includes continuous monitoring, troubleshooting, and updating plans to ensure they align with your changing needs.

Trust Ignition Marine for top-notch Marine Refrigeration Maintenance.

Benefits of Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep your cool on the open seas with Ignition Marine’s Refrigeration Maintenance. Regular care means smooth sailing for your vessel and a lot of benefits:


Optimally maintained systems function at their maximum efficiency, which leads to significant energy conservation and reduced operational expenses. It boosts productivity and minimizes environmental impact.


Increase the lifespan of your equipment by identifying and addressing potential issues while also modernizing your refrigeration system. This approach prevents costly breakdowns and enhances efficiency.

Environmental Compliance

Effective management of refrigerants ensures adherence to regulations and reduces your vessel’s ecological footprint. By implementing responsible refrigerant practices, you maintain compliance with environmental standards and mitigate potential harm to ecosystems.

Optimal Performance

Regular inspections and timely upgrades guarantee that every component operates at maximum efficiency, which results in top performance you can rely on.
Need to Upgrade Your Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System?

Choose Ignition Marine for Professional
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services

We prioritize sustainability by offering energy-efficient and environmentally conscious marine refrigeration maintenance and repair.
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