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Marine Canvas and Boat/Yacht Upholstery Services Vancouver, BC Canada

Ignition Marine proudly serves private and corporate customers with top-notch luxury quality marine canvas and boat/yacht upholstery services throughout Lower Mainland, BC, and North Vancouver, no matter how simple or intricate your project may be.

With our marine canvas & upholstery expertise and experience, you can rest assured that we will exceed your expectations.

We are at your service for all your needs, from marine covers and repairs to full luxury boat outfitting.

Custom Boat Canvas Repair and Marine Upholstery Services in Vancouver

Your boat’s appearance and performance are key factors in maximizing and fully enjoying your time on the water. Not only will it make your boat and yacht look good—investing in a marine canvas and upholstery for boat can safeguard it from the following:

Sun's Rays


Dirt Particles



That’s why Ignition Marine Services provides comprehensive canvas repair and marine upholstery services in North Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC. We understand the importance of selecting high-grade upholstery that can withstand extended exposure to salt and sea air, which is why we only use quality materials.

Custom Boat Canvas Repair and Replacement

Extend your canvas’s life and restore it to its former glory! Our expert team can repair your boat covers and improve functionality by:

Restitching Seams

Patching Holes and Tears

Replacing Zips, Snaps, and Plastic Window Panels

We specialize in restoring Bimini tops, Bimini extensions, clears & enclosures, shade extensions & awnings, and other canvas boat covers.

Our Quality Marine Upholstery Services

Make sure that your next voyage out in the sea will be pleasurable and in style with our top-notch marine craftsmanship.

Ignition Marine is a reliable marine upholstery expert, and we provide quality services to North Vancouver and British Columbia. From custom-made fabrications to repairs, you can depend on us for your every need.

Sail Comfortably and In Style as You

Enjoy A Fun Day On The Water

Comfort is essential when you spend hours out at sea, and damaged covers can quickly take away from that experience. A boat upholstery and canvas repair service by Ignition Marine will keep you comfortable and stylish while sailing the waters of Lower Mainland, BC.

What Makes Our Marine Upholstery and Canvas Services Stand Out from Other Competitors?

When it comes to Marine Canvas & Upholstery, you’ll want to turn only to the experts who care for your boat like their own. Here are outstanding reasons that set Ignition Marine apart from the others:

One-Stop Shop

We have got you covered! For your boat’s electrical and mechanical needs and any canvas covering, Ignition Marine is at your service.


We provide different options from high-end materials to budget-friendly fabrics, clears, and accessories within a variety of ranges. Let us offer you a product that is within your budget.

Locally-Owned & Operated 

By supporting us, you are supporting the Canadian manufacturing and distributing industry and local jobs.

Crafted from Quality  

We take pride in delivering high-quality products using marine-grade materials to secure long durability in various BC weather conditions. We strive for perfection!

Guaranteed Workmanship 

All our frames and covers are custom-made by skilled craftsmen and completed to the highest standards, ensuring that they fit perfectly and deliver years of hassle-free service.

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Custom design and in-house fitting ensure a quality, tailor-made product.  

Mobile Service (Installation & Repair)

We provide a service at our shop at Lions Gate Marina and mobile service that can facilitate commuting for you by utilizing our fully equipped Marine Mobile Workshop.   

Highly Experienced Machinist

Our experienced, specialist marine trimmers and sewing machinists take great pride in their craftsmanship.

How We Work

Our expert team at Ignition Marine Service will work with you from prototyping through production to ensure your bespoke requests are appropriately handled.

We want to ensure we provide our customers in North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, BC, with an experience that surpasses their expectations.

professional tailor making pattern + canvas and upholstery

Patterning Service

We take accurate measurements and provide a complete patterning service for all types of canvas protection.
marine upholstery + canvas and upholstery


Our team will create a prototype of your design to ensure it meets all requirements.
team ux designer creative graphic planning + canvas and upholstery

Product Design Service

We offer a full product design service for all types of custom boat covers and upholstery. 
person cutting fabric with machine + canvas and upholstery


We use high-quality materials and equipment to construct boat canvas solutions and upholstery.

Our Boat and yacht Canvas Installation, Repair and Replacement Services in Vancouver, British Columbia

Covering all your marine trimming needs, constructed with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our services include:
marine upholstery 1 + canvas and upholstery

Marine Upholstery

Your boat’s upholstery sets the tone for your entire onboard experience. Experience the luxury and durability of marine upholstery from Ignition Marine. Our team of experienced professionals has the skills and knowledge to bring your boat back to life with new, beautiful fabric coverings.

Designed to withstand harsh marine environment

We offer a wide selection of materials designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring your boat's interior looks and feels new for years to come.

Expertise that brings your vision to life

From custom cushions to complete interior redesigns, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. No matter what your boat’s style or size, we can create the perfect upholstery for you.

Commitment to 100% customer satisfaction

And with our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that your boat will be looking its best when it hits the water. 

Our marine upholstery services include:

Power Boat and Sailboat Covers

Whether you need a full boat cover for towing or storage or just a partial cover to protect sections of your boat, such as

We custom-build covers with a range of high-quality, UV-resistant, marine-grade materials to meet your needs and protect your boat.

Your boat covers are manufactured using the highest grade of marine fabric products, which are guaranteed the following:

yacht cover + canvas and upholstery
bimini top + canvas and upholstery

Bimini & Bimini Tops

We can custom-make stainless steel Bimini top frames for any size of boat. At Ignition Marine Service, we build our Biminis in-house using a minimum of .065 Stainless walls and 7/8″ and 1″ tubing.

Bimini Extensions

Bimini top extensions are created by adding additional bows to your existing frame. In this instance, we match the fittings and aluminum or stainless-steel tubing of your current frame to preserve the overall appearance of the structure.
bimini + canvas and upholstery
bimini + canvas and upholstery

Shade Extensions & Awnings

The shade extensions (Sun Fly Strut, Sprayhood/dodger, Catalina Dodger, Sailboat Dodger, etc.) are an excellent option for anyone who wants the option of employing the shade or removing it totally at their convenience.

The structure of the shade extensions has been made via two tent-like poles that fit inside the rod holders of the boat. We are using marine-grade stainless steel and curve them slightly to ensure the tension of the materials. The materials can be attached to the flybridge floor or zipped to the existing Bimini.

Clears & Enclosures

If your boat has clears, you can increase your yearly boat usage as they will allow you to block out any unfavorable weather. Depending on the design, you can roll up windows or remove the clears in more favorable weather conditions. They will increase the internal size of your vessel and still offer you a great vision.

We will give you three options of the most used and high-quality boat clears to find the perfect product for your boat and your requirements. Each clear material has benefits and addresses a different budget apart from varied use.

enclosure + canvas and upholstery

The following are the three clear types:

Flexible Clear Vinyl

A soft and flexible clear PVC like Strataglass clears, with scratch resistance and UV ray resistant coatings, offers excellent stability and durability as it is waterproof and mildew resistant.


It is a semi-rigid clear plastic hard enough so that it is nearly unbreakable. The material comes in a waterproof and UV-resistant coating. Because of their rigidity, these kinds of clears cannot be rolled up like vinyl, and they are costly to be replaced when damaged.


It’s strong, semi-rigid and UV ray-resistant clear with a less scratch-resistant coating. A good point about these kinds of clears is that they are repairable. If you are looking for a flexible option to be rolled up, acrylic should not be your choice.

canvas repair + canvas and upholstery

Superior Boat Canvas and Marine Upholstery Repair Services

Does your boat look a little tired? It’s time for a new cover and clear to make it look sharp and pristine once again. Whether you are rushing to get your boat ready for summer or looking to make repairs over winter, Ignition Marine is ready to repair or upgrade your boat.

We can often restitch, patch, or replace clears if the overall structural integrity of the clear section is intact (such as U-shape sections which can become scratched with use).

Our high-grade materials and advanced machinery ensure that you’ll get superior quality, high reliability, and unmatched performance. Experience a new level of luxury sailing today when you hire top-notch canvas repair services from Ignition Marine.

When You Hire Ignition Marine

You Hire Top Workmanship and Quality Performance

We only use the finest products to ensure that your boat cover and clear stand the test of time.

Materials We Use

All our work is completed to the highest standard, using only the best materials worldwide to ensure eye-catching, high-quality finished products. 

Stamoid fabrics are well known for their perfect protection against the sun and harsh weather and their 100% UV filtration, which increases the crew’s comfort on board and the pleasures of sailing. Stamoid provides a 5-year warranty in case of irregular discoloration or change in fabric strength.

stamoid + canvas and upholstery

The Stamoid fabric is mostly used in:  

 Stamoid care

Stamoid is a vinyl-coated woven polyester, a perfect waterproof fabric that can be used for boat tops and protective covers. Stamoid is easily cleanable. The following procedure for maintaining your Stamoid fabrics is recommended:


Pre-rinse: Spread out the fabric on a flat surface, and pre-rinse the fabric with water. Either use a cleaning agent like 303® Vinyl Cleaner or moist the fabric with a mild solution of liquid soap and water.


Brush Wash: Once the cleaning solution penetrates the fabric, use an all-natural soft Bristle brush and gently brush it to the edges. To avoid scratching the fabric or tearing the vinyl, do not use hard pressure during the brushing process.


Rinse: rinse the entire surface of the fabric thoroughly to remove any traces of the cleaning solution. If the fabric is heavily soiled, the cleaning procedure may need to be repeated, followed by a thorough rinse.


Drying: You may hang the fabric up to completely dry. 

Sunbrella textiles maintain their brilliant color even after repeated exposure to the sun, salt water, and chlorine found in hostile marine settings, and they come with a 10-year warranty against fading.

All Sunbrella textiles are resistant to mold and mildew. Sunbrella marine canvas can be easily cleaned if mold or mildew develops from exposure to dust, debris, and the environment.

All Sunbrella marine fabrics have earned the endorsement of the Skin Cancer Foundation, offering essential sun protection so boaters may spend a lot of time out on the water without risk.

Sunbrella materials allow air to move through, unlike certain marine fabrics that retain heat, giving everyone on board a comfortable boating experience.

The Sunbrella fabrics, which come in Sunbrella SeaMark, are a fantastic option for dodgers, Biminis, Sailboat covers, and boat covers.

sunbreella + canvas and upholstery

Why Choose Sunbrella:

Sunbrella Care:

Hosing fabrics off once a month with clean, cool water will help keep Sunbrella marine fabrics looking fresh and delay the need for deep or vigorous cleaning. However, in most environments, a thorough cleaning will be needed every two to three years. For cleaning the fabric:

* If your first attempt does not remove the stain, stubborn stains and mildew can be removed with the following solutions:  


Suggested Cleaning Solution

Bird Dropping 

Dishwashing liquid ¼ cup/1 Gal water.

Paint Wet/Dried
(Latex, Oil, Lacquer)

Use cornstarch to eliminate excess and then clean the residual with the mixture of dishwashing and water.


Use acetone 100% first and then apply the soap thoroughly and rinse it.

Iron Rust

Utilize CLR and then rinse it.


Use the combination of dishwashing soap (¼ cup) and bleach (1 cup)/1 Gal of water.

A highly designed scratch-resistant coating technology that improves clear visibility is called Strataglass®. Using a unique coating, the product is protected against minor dings, scratches, and swirl marks typical of transparent vinyl products used in abrasive marine environments. To shield the boat, the people inside, and the interior decor from the sun’s damaging rays, Strataglass® provides additional UV resistance. Strataglass® maintains the product’s maximum flexibility and durability while extending its lifespan.

A special anti-glare component is incorporated into the design of Strataglass to improve clarity, lessen sun glare, and visibility in low light.

When thoroughly cleaned and maintained using IMAR’s Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Strataglass Protective Polish, following manufacturer recommendations, Strataglass will have a useful marine life of 2 to 5 years.

strataglass + canvas and upholstery

Why Strataglass

Strataglass Care:  

To extend the life of the curtains and maintain the warranty, you may take the following procedures:  

Products that may void the warranty:  

O’Sea® is a durable premium press polished window material that offers perfect optical clarity and is formulated for maximum UV stability. The marine-grade window material of O’Sea is coated against scratches and chemicals. The perfect press-polished process on the clears makes the sheets soft and flexible.

O’Sea Clears are resistant to chemicals such as sunscreen lotion. These Clears are mainly applicable for the sections of boats that require clarity and durability, such as cabin enclosures, dodgers, awnings, and so on.

osea + canvas and upholstery

Why O’sea

O’SEA® plastic windows Cares:

It is recommended to clean O’Sea plastic windows regularly with a hose or blow off dirt particles from the surface and use plain water or a mild soap and water solution. Remember not to use detergents or harsh brushes. A clean, soft cloth or micro-fiber towel works best to clean the window.

The straight sunlight combined with environmental pollution may change the chemical structure of the plastic window, which may cause permanent discoloration and brittleness.

Washing dirt and salt off sheet surfaces will help maintain clarity and extend the life of the plastic window.

Be aware of commercial vinyl care products and glass cleansers containing harmful ingredients such as silicone or alcohol.

To avoid scratching the windows, always flood the window with water and then gently wipe it with a damp, soft cloth.

Ignition Marine Service uses only lifetime high-quality Sewing Threads such as:

  • Gore Tenara
  • Sunguard
  • SolarFix PTFE

These threads resist UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain, making them an excellent choice for outdoor applications. The thread color is matched to the marine acrylic canvas of your choice. 

spool of thread + canvas and upholstery
thread graph 2 + canvas and upholstery
thread graph 1 + canvas and upholstery

For more durability, Ignition Marine Service uses Stainless Steel grade 316 on finished products for all fasteners, tubing, studs, etc. About 2 to 3 percent of molybdenum is present in stainless steel-316, which improves corrosion resistance, especially in the presence of chlorides and other industrial chemicals, which makes it an excellent choice for high chloride exposure, especially near the ocean or by heavily salted roadways.

rapid rivets02 + canvas and upholstery
zipper + canvas and upholstery

YKK’s MARINE® zippers are a unique line of VISLON® zippers which are corrosion resistant. The specific design of the zippers adds protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, which meets marine standards and requirements.

YKK Zippers Care:

To not let salt and dirt harden and seize up your zippers, you should often be moving the YKK Zippers. Also, to halt corrosion, you should rinse the salt water off.

Regarding the plastic zippers, as long as the zippers are not damaged, their built-in lubricant will keep them moving.

An ideal lubricant is dry silicon or water-based zip lube. However, try hot water and vinegar for the stuck and corroded zippers since it helps dissolve the oxide/salt and free the zipper.

In general, regular cleaning and rinsing off salt will ensure you get the most out of your fabric and zippers.

materials02 + canvas and upholstery
Parts Request

Need Marine Trimming Materials?

We can provide you with all the popular marine trimming products, such as Sunbrella and Stamoid marine fabric, Strataglass and O’Sea clear, marine-grade vinyl, and a full range of stainless steel 316 trimming hardware.
Your One-Stop All-Marine Services

Proudly Serving Vancouver, British Columbia

By investing time and effort into our work, we have built a well-deserved reputation for delivering consistent excellence. Our commitment to quality and detail-oriented approach truly sets us apart from the rest.
yacht hd 1 + canvas and upholstery

Other Marine Services

Ignition is a one-stop boat repair shop that provides various levels of quality marine mechanical, electrical, and structural repair for all boats: pleasure boats, fishing boats, and yachts of any size, brand, and type at an industry-competitive price serving all clients and boaters in Lower Mainland, BC.

These include general and boat-specific technical services that help upkeep the boat for clients. 

electrician + canvas and upholstery

Marine Electrical Services

2 mechanic men try fix setup boat engine + canvas and upholstery

Marine Mechanical Services

07 1 + canvas and upholstery

Boat Repair and Maintenance


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