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Full Yacht Management Program within Vancouver, British Columbia

Sail into worry-free yacht ownership with our Full Yacht Management Solution. From routine maintenance to major overhauls, we follow engineering manual guidelines rigorously, ensuring top-tier upkeep.
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Experience Professional Yacht Management with Ignition Marine Service

Ignition Marine Service offers comprehensive yacht care and maintenance, preventing issues and saving you money. Our team handles everything from minor upkeep to major overhauls, ensuring top-notch maintenance aligned with industry standards.

We keep you informed through detailed monthly reports with visual documentation, empowering you to make informed decisions about your yacht’s maintenance needs.

All services will be conducted by experienced and professional marine technicians and engineers, meticulously overseen by top-tier marine engineering professionals. The management service includes the following maintenance:

1. Full monthly systems check including but not limited to (where applicable):

Consistent Service Pledge Each month, we undertake a comprehensive inspection of all systems, encompassing, though not confined to, the following:
Examination and upkeep of bilge pumps and associated alarms.
Assessment and maintenance of engine fluid levels, along with battery scrutiny.
Evaluation of electrical and lighting components.
Mechanical assessment.

I. Monitoring and preservation of engine fluid levels, including batteries.
II. Organization of routine servicing or necessary repairs.

Inspection of restroom facilities.
Analysis of air conditioning functionality.
Evaluation of electronic systems.
Activation of all engines to optimal temperatures to confirm smooth operation.
Timely upkeep of all mechanical systems aboard.

2. Adherence to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) schedules for maintenance and repairs for all onboard systems, as required.

3. Yearly maintenance activities beneath the waterline.

4. Supervision and coordination of all specialized trades.

5. Regular exterior and interior cleaning and meticulous detailing, extending to auxiliary vessels.

6. Efficient billing coordination and consolidation, culminating in monthly invoice delivery.

You may also request:

1. New Installations and Enhancements

2. Supervision and Coordination of Specialized Sub-Contracts

3. Refurbishment and Project Oversight

4. Fueling of Vessels 

5. Procurement Services

6. Extensive Overhauls

For the vessels under our yacht operations management, all marine components will be supplied with a 15% discounted rate. Additionally, we extend comprehensive project management support for upgrades or refits of any scale.

Minimize The Hassles and Maximize the Pleasure of Your Yachting Adventures

At Ignition Marine Service, we understand that your yacht is more than just a vessel; it’s your gateway to luxury, adventure, and personal style. That’s why we offer Canada’s most comprehensive Full Vessel Management System.

Choose Ignition Marine for your Full Yacht Management System

With Ignition Marine’s full yacht management service, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Comprehensive Care

We handle everything from maintenance to enhancements, leaving no detail unchecked.

Maximize Pleasure

Leave the hassles to us so you can cherish water memories.

Unparalleled Transparency

Stay informed with detailed reports to guide your yacht's care decisions.

Your Yacht, Our Expertise

Protect and improve your investment with our premium Yacht Management System.

Experience seamless yacht ownership with Ignition Marine. Contact us now for a worry-free yachting experience.

Other Yacht Services

In addition to our Comprehensive Yacht Management System, Ignition Marine offers a range of specialized services to meet all your yacht-related needs. Explore our comprehensive suite of services and experience the difference that Ignition Marine can make for your yacht.
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Set Sail into the Blue with Confidence
– Choose Ignition Marine’s Full Yacht Management Service

Our pride is rooted in the highest industry standards to ensure your yacht is in peak condition, ready to navigate the open waters with grace and precision. Contact us now to discuss your yacht management needs.


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