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Ignition Marine Boat Insurance in Vancouver, BC

With Ignition Marine, you can enjoy your time on the water worry-free, knowing that your boat is protected and insured against the unexpected. Choose us for smooth boat insurance claims and repairs in Vancouver, BC.
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Our Boating Insurance Coverage

We provide comprehensive coverage to protect various boat types, ensuring a wide range of protection for your watercraft.
Explore comprehensive coverage for all your boating needs with our diverse insurance options at Ignition Marine. 

Physical Damage Coverage

Safeguard your watercraft and belongings with our Physical Damage Coverage. This comprehensive protection extends to your boat, motor, boat trailer and other personal property, shielding them against accidental loss or damage.

Boat Liability Coverage

Boat Liability Coverage provides confidence at sea with two key protections:

Boat Insurance Claims

With a reliable insurer, claiming your vessel insurance should be smooth, with all your questions answered and repairs done promptly. At Ignition Marine, we work diligently to find solutions and keep you informed at every step.
We understand accidents happen – whether you hit a rock or had trouble docking – and we’re here to get you back on the water quickly.

Find the Ideal Insurance for Your Boat at Ignition Marine

Discover the perfect insurance for your boat at Ignition Marine. Sail confidently with coverage crafted to protect your vessel.
Secure your aquatic adventures with Ignition Marine – where comprehensive protection meets seamless sailing.
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Boat Insurance Repair

Trust our team for hassle-free boat insurance repairs. We carefully disassemble and inspect damaged components, providing you with a repair estimate.
Rest easy knowing that our Certified Marine Technicians stand behind our work. Contact us today to discuss the service that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Ignition Marine
Boat Insurance

Our coverage goes beyond the ordinary, providing you with tailored protection and a range of benefits to enhance your maritime experience

All-Inclusive Coverage

Sail worry-free with Ignition Marine Boating Insurance, offering comprehensive protection that shields your vessel from a broad spectrum of risks, including accidents and unexpected damages.

Rapid Emergency Assistance

Whether it’s a tow, fuel delivery, or on-water support, Ignition Marine ensures you’re never left stranded.

Personalized Customer Service

We are here to understand your needs and provide exceptional customer support throughout the insurance process.

Discount Opportunities

Explore various discount options, from safety course discounts to multi-policy savings, making quality protection more affordable.

Efficient Claims Processing

In the unfortunate event of a claim, rely on quick and hassle-free processing. Our team provides prompt assistance, ensuring you swiftly return to the water.
Choose Ignition Marine Boat Insurance for unmatched protection, personalized service, and the freedom to navigate your boating lifestyle with confidence.
Set Sail with Assurance

Insure Your Boat with Ignition Marine in Vancouver, BC

Your boat is in safe hands with our dedicated service and efficient processes.
Don’t let uncertainties rock your boat – choose Ignition Marine for peace of mind on every journey.
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Choose Ignition Marine for Claims and Repairs in Vancouver, British Columbia

Experience efficient boaters’ insurance claims and repairs with Ignition Marine.

Choose Ignition Marine for a seamless and reliable experience handling your boat insurance claims and repairs in Canada.

Your satisfaction is our priority.
Your Boat, Our Priority

Experience Hassle-Free Claims and Repairs

From efficient claims processing to top-notch repairs, we’re dedicated to ensuring your maritime adventures are smooth and worry-free.
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Get Your Questions Answered

Boat Insurance FAQs:

Is boat insurance necessary?
While not mandatory in Canada, having insurance on a boat is often necessary. For instance, financial institutions may require insurance for boat loans, and marinas may ask for proof of insurance for mooring or storage.
Discuss with your broker to determine the right boat insurance based on factors like boat type, age, and usage.
Your premium is determined by boat type, engine size, and length, whether a bowrider, pontoon, or personal watercraft.
An out-of-water marine survey is generally necessary for watercraft aged 20 years and older, with exceptions.
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