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Trusted Marine Rigging Services
in Vancouver, BC

Proudly offering reliable and stress-free marine rigging services in Canada – we’re all about quality and safety. Our goal is to ensure your vessel is ready to conquer the waves. From rigging inspections to custom solutions, we’ve mastered the art of making marine life easy.

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Our Marine Rigging Services Vancouver, British Columbia

Think of us as your partners, not just a service provider. We’ll make your sailing experience as easy as the waves we navigate together.

Splicing Service

Our services cater to yachting and light commercial needs, ensuring top performance.

Here’s what we offer:

Three-Strand Splicing

Anchor lines and mooring bridles expertly spliced for durability, featuring Samson 3-Strand ProSet Nylon and calibrated windlass chain for custom windlass anchor rode’s.

Double Braid Eye Splices

Perfect for running rigging applications like sheets and halyards, offering versatile options in nylon or polyester double-braid yacht rope.

High Tech Line Splicing

Specializing in today’s advanced lines, we provide core-to-core eye splices using cutting-edge Marlow and Samson Rope products, including Samson Warp Speed and Amsteel 12 Strand.

Lifeline Service

Our lifelines suit both cruising sailors and offshore racers, prioritizing safety without sacrificing style.

Swaging and Nicro Pressing

Experience precision in every detail with our machine swaging services, specializing in Stud, Eye, Fork, and various end fittings on stainless steel aircraft cable.
Our cutting-edge WireTeknik™ A-250 Roller Swager takes center stage, effortlessly swaging wires up to 1/2″ diameter using a rotating set of cold-forming dies.

Safety First, Adventure Always
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Trust us to prioritize safety and enhance your boating adventure – reserve now for peace of mind on the open water.

Standing/Running Boat
Rigging Repair

Maintaining your boat rigging is crucial for safe navigation, regardless of how experienced you may be. That’s why we offer comprehensive standing/running boat rigging repair and inspection services to ensure your vessel is always seaworthy.
From inspecting shrouds and stays to repairing or replacing damaged lines, we have the expertise and tools to keep your rigging in top condition. Our team will evaluate the integrity of your standing/running rigging and provide solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Rigging Replacement

We specialize in efficient replacements for standing and running rigging components. Whether it’s time for a new mast, shrouds, or stays, we ensure a precise fit and top performance.
Trust us to handle the details, making sure your rigging is not only secure but optimized for smooth sailing.
man checking bodywork on boat in repair workshop

Standing/Running Marine
Rigging Maintenance

From tuning and tensioning to addressing potential wear and tear, we ensure every detail is accounted for.
Whether it’s tuning the mast or checking the condition of shrouds and stays, we prioritize the details to keep your marine rigging in optimal condition.

Get Reliable Rigging Services
with Ignition Marine

Our standing and running rigging services showcase our commitment to excellence.
Trust Ignition Marine to boost your vessel’s performance

Our Boat Rigging Process
in Vancouver, BC

Experience worry-free sailing with our meticulous approach.


Start with a consultation to understand your boat's rigging needs.


Thoroughly examine the standing and running rigging components for wear, damage, or potential issues.

Precision Swaging

Utilize advanced swaging techniques to secure fittings like studs, eyes, and forks to stainless steel aircraft cables.


Efficiently address and repair any identified issues, ensuring your rigging meets safety standards.


Implement routine maintenance to enhance the longevity and reliability of your boat's rigging.

Final Inspection

Conduct a final inspection to guarantee the quality and functionality of the rigging components.

Benefits of Marine
Rigging Inspection

Wondering why a rigging inspection is worth it?

Here are the known benefits:

Smooth Sailing Guaranteed

Ensure your boat glides effortlessly through the waves by addressing any wear and tear in the rigging components.  

Prevent Nasty Surprises

Avoid unexpected hiccups on the water by identifying and fixing rigging issues before they can rain on your sailing parade.

Extend Rigging Lifespan

Give your rigging a longer life with regular inspections, ensuring durability and performance.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings Prevent major repairs and replacements with proactive maintenance, saving on long-term costs.
Make your vessel ready for smooth sailing with the benefits of our marine rigging inspection services.

Why Choose Ignition Marine Service for Boat Rigging Services in Vancouver, BC, Canada?

Here’s why Ignition Marine Service is your top choice:

Choose Ignition Marine for a seamless and reliable experience handling your boat insurance claims and repairs in Canada.

Your satisfaction is our priority.
Upgrade Your Boat's Performance and Safety with Ignition Marine

Choose Only the Trusted Marine Rigging Service Provider
in Vancouver, British Columbia

Ignition Marine is your reliable partner for the best rigging solutions that ensure a smooth and secure sailing experience.

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