Welcome To Ignition Marine Service

Ignition Marine Service is a knowledge edge marine service company that aims in providing the best quality services under the direct supervision of first-class marine engineers which can increase the yacht’s life cycle by rectifying the exact issue and process the most cost-effective service. Ignition Marine Service teams are consisting of certified technicians that follow the company’s learning culture by cautiously upgrading their knowledge to provide the most compelling service to all clients and our partners. Ignition Marine Service is competing against itself through continuous improvement in the marine industry and obtain client’s satisfaction and trust.

Meet Our CEO

Mehrab Zargari

With over 15 years of experience as a marine engineer, Mehrab Zargari possesses the right educational background and technical expertise that sets Ignition Marine Service apart from the competition. Mehrab Zargari has handled different marine challenges with yachts and boats during his career. He is a skilled marine engineer, and his problem-solving attitude has helped clients enjoy their marine voyages without running into issues. Mehrab handpicks his team of mechanics and engineers for Ignition Marine Service himself, ensuring that the company benefits from an uber-talented and experienced team.

You’re in good hands


Some of the CEO and Ignition Marine accreditations:


• First-Class Marine engineer
• Electro-hydraulic certificate
• Certified Mercury Technician
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Certificate
• PLC Certification
• Refrigeration and HVAC Certificate
• Solid Work Certificate
• Abacus Certificate
• Basic and Advanced Oil and Chemical Tanker CGO Operation Certificate
• Survival Craft and Rescue Boat Certificate
• Risk Assessment Certificate
• Advanced Firefighting Certificate
• Medical First Aids Certificate
• Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Certificate
• Security Awareness Certificate
• Safety Certificate

Areas of Expertise

• 2 and 4 Stroke Internal Combustion Engines
• Air Handling Unit
• Steering System
• Pressure Vessel
• Automation
• Pneumatic System
• Heat Exchanger
• Knowledgeable in testing and Performance Calculation and Recording of Installations.
• Pump (Centrifugal & Positive Displacement)
• Screw and Reciprocating Air Compressor
• Electromotor and Electrical Circuit
• Valve and Pipeline Installation
• Sand/Water Ballasting and Painting
• High Pressure Boiler and Steam System
• Experienced in Instrumentation
• Trained and Experienced in Welding, Cutting, and Milling.


Don’t worry about last-minute electrical and mechanical disasters. Our preventive maintenance programs keep your yachts and boats in premium condition. From engine repairs to wall paints, we take care of any lingering issues for you. We offer a one-of-a-kind sailing experience for you and your company. We have been maintaining yachts and boats for over 15 years now, dealing with various machinery and handling a variety of different mechanical and electrical problems. What makes us unique is our ability to identify underlying problems with your sea craft and resolve them at minimal cost.

Our efficiency knows no bounds. Connect with our experts to discuss the right repair and maintenance plan for you!